Israeli Policeman Charged With Assaulting Palestinian Minor to Elicit False Confession

الإثنين 12 مارس 2018 01:20 م بتوقيت القدس المحتلة

Israeli Policeman Charged With Assaulting Palestinian Minor to Elicit False Confession

A Israeli police detective has been charged with beating a Palestinian minor to get him to confess to throwing rocks at cars driven by Israelis. Despite the seriousness of the offense, the occupation Justice Ministry’s department for the investigation of police officers charged the detective with a lesser assault crime.

The incident came to light when a voice recording of the interview-under-duress was found in the police case files given to the suspect’s lawyer. In the recording, detective Yehuda Gigi can allegedly be heard beating the Palestinian, who was around 17 years old. The recording was presumably accidental. The lawyers of the boy and a cousin who was arrested with him raised the matter of the assault after listening to the recording

The two were handed over to the police. Shakir was questioned at the police station in Kadima by Gigi, who according to his own indictment tried to force Shakir to confess to trying to hit Israeli-owned vehicles. When he refused, Gigi roughly shoved Shakir off the chair, yelled at him to get up and slapped his face when he stood up. As a result, Shakir gave Gigi the desired confession. “I confessed because he beat me,” the teen told his lawyer, only after she asked him about it when she listened to the recording. Shakir and his cousin were charged in Samaria Military Court with throwing rocks, convicted in a plea bargain and sentenced to 10 months in prison.

“The security cameras showed that they didn’t throw rocks at cars and even stopped throwing when cars passed. They didn’t mean to hurt anyone. When [Shakir] told [Gigi] he didn’t intend to hurt anyone, the detective tried to get a different answer out of him using violence,” relates Majdulin Agbaria, a lawyer who represented Shakir and his cousin..

المصدر : Haaretz