What is the Segregation Wall in Palestine

الثلاثاء 05 يونيو 2018 01:02 م بتوقيت القدس المحتلة

What is the Segregation Wall in Palestine


Since 2002, Israel has been constructing a wall, known as the Segregation or Apartheid Wall, or Separation Barrier, that stretches for more than 700 kilometres, annexing Palestinian land inside the occupied West Bank. Israel claims the wall is vital for its security, but according to the International Court of Justice it is in clear violation of international law.

Some have seen a canvas in the Apartheid wall. One of the most famous artists who did so is the anonymous England-based graffiti artist, activist and film director Banksy.

The wall cuts deep into Palestinian territory and has resulted in the confiscation of large swathes of fertile Palestinian land, the ghettoisation of Palestinian towns and villages, and has cut off thousands of Palestinians from social services, schools, and farmland. In some places, the separation wall runs along the Green Line, but most of its route lies inside the West Bank – sometimes by many kilometers.

Israel has continued to expand the wall, despite condemnation from the UN and most recently the EU, because it involves the destruction and confiscation of Palestinian property and imposes severe restrictions on Palestinian movement. Further, the Court stated that Israel must “cease forthwith the works of construction of the wall being built in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, including in, and around East Jerusalem,” return seized property and compensate Palestinian landowners whose interests have been damaged by its construction.

It's a measure that has continued to cause outrage, even from some of Israel's own citizens.