Big protests in Gaza, West Bank today

الجمعة 08 يونيو 2018 02:22 م بتوقيت القدس المحتلة

Big protests in Gaza, West Bank today

A large turnout on the Gaza border is expected later on Friday and protests are also expected to take place in the West Bank to mark Al Quds Day.

At least 120 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire during near-weekly demonstrations that began on March 30. Thousands have been injured.

Demonstrators have called for the "Right of Return" to their homes in what is now Israel. Some two-thirds of Gaza's two million people are descendants of refugees who fled or were forced from their homes during the war surrounding Israel's establishment in 1948.

The deaths and injuries caused by the use of live fire by Israeli snipers in Gaza has brought wide-spread condemnation.


Al Quds day


Friday's demonstrations are meant to coincide with 'Jerusalem Day', a day of protest against Israeli control of the city of Jerusalem.

Earlier this week, Hamas leader Ismail Radwan said, "On the 51st anniversary of the occupation of Jerusalem and the rest of the Palestinian and the Arab territories, we affirm that we continue the march of return and break the siege in a peaceful and popular way until we achieve our goals."

"We prepare for Friday, the Jerusalem-million on Al Quds Day, and we call on Arab and Islamic nations to go out on marches in conjunction with the Jerusalem-million day in Palestine and we say that the time has come to end this occupation."

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