Unlimited suffering of the Palestinians at the Rafah crossing .. Facts about traveling through the Rafah crossing:.

الأحد 09 سبتمبر 2018 02:48 م بتوقيت القدس المحتلة

It’s time to shed lights on the miserable situation on Rafah crossing where Palestinians are subjected to a harsh and dangerous experience once they try to travel through the Rafah border crossing. The crossing is the only travel gate for the 2 million people living under siege since 2006. With the breakthrough we witness in increasing the number of days of opening the crossing, Human rights organizations must take its responsibility toward Palestinian travelers since there  are no minimum human requirements for travelers, there are no effective means of communication, no toilets, no restrooms all the way from the crossing to Cairo International Airport, approximately 400 km.

Moreover, the threat posed by armed groups in the Sinai is a danger to the travelers, as well as the suffering of passengers from the security precautions taken by the Egyptian army. Where It is not prohibited to travel in the Sinai during the night, forcing passengers to stop at night in the open in dangerous conditions without providing any protection or any elements for life.

The travel mechanism needs to be monitored and evaluated by human rights organizations, and travel facilitation like other travelers is a requirement and right for every traveler.