UNRWA Stopped paying rent for 1612 Gazan families

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UNRWA Stopped paying rent for 1612 Gazan families

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Gaza Strip (UNRWA) has imposed new restrictions on its services to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip due to the financial crisis.

Mattias Shamali, director of UN agency operations in the Gaza Strip, said UNRWA had stopped paying "rent" to Palestinian families who lost their homes during the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2014.

"We regret that we will not continue to pay rent for war-affected families, despite the fact that we have been very active in this regard," Shamali said during a meeting with a number of journalists in his office in Gaza. "The total number of families paid by UNRWA Recently rent allowance, reached 1612 families.

Shamali pointed out that when the UN agency began to pay the "rent allowance", the number of beneficiary Palestinian families was 5,000, and today it was reduced to 1612 families after the rest of the houses were reconstructed.

In the past few months, UNRWA has announced  of 116 of its employees from the financial crisis it has suffered following the suspension of the United States' full funding for UNRWA.

On August 3, 2018, the US Administration announced that it had cut all its financial aid to UNRWA, amounting to $ 365 million.

"The UN agency knows that it will not receive 360 ​​million dollars from the US government as early as next year," Shamali said.

"The agency has always had difficulties with the US government, but now the papers have been mixed between politics and funding, and funding has become politicized," he said.

"The numbers of refugees are increasing, but the budget is not increasing. We have lost 360 million dollars. We also know that the funds pledged by the member states will not be sufficient to provide our services."

"We now have a deficit of 64 million dollars and by the beginning of next year the deficit will range from 300-400 million dollars," he said.

"We hope to find a way to keep our services until the end of the year, and in 2019, we hope that the countries that helped us this year (2018), including Turkey, India and the Gulf countries, will help us overcome the crisis," he said.

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