H...amas official: Situation in Gaza is leading to escalation


The difficult living conditions under which Palestinians in Gaza are living will lead to an escalation of tensions with the occupation state of Israel, a senior Hamas official has said.

Mohammad Al-Madhoun said he expects a new escalation of tension "if Israel did not fulfil the demands of the Palestinian people, including lifting the Israeli siege imposed on Gaza since 2007."

He noted that the ongoing calm in Gaza is a response to mediation efforts of certain parties, including the United Nations and Egypt.

Al-Madhoun reiterated that the living conditions in Gaza are worsening day by day as Israel continues its policy of imposing tight restrictions on Gaza, including the ban on the entry of Qatari aid, as well as on hundreds of basic commodities needed for daily life.

He called for all the Palestinian factions and groups to unite and work towards running one political process in a manner that serves the interests of the Palestinian people.