News Palestinian factions meet upon UK's move to label Hamas 'a terrorist organization'

Palestinian factions meeting in Gaza earlier today

Gaza, Palestine - On Saturday morning, 20 November 2021, the Palestinian factions held an emergency meeting and discussed the British Government's decision to label Hamas Movement as a terrorist organization, which the Palestinian movements saw a dangerous infringement on the right of the Palestinian people to resist the occupation and confront the aggression that our people have been subjected to for decades. They outcomed the meeting with the following confirms:

- The Palestinian people, with all their forces and institutions, are united in rejecting and condemning the British government's decision to declare the Hamas movement as a terrorist organization.

- We warn of the repercussions of this decision, and we consider it as an expression of direct hostility targeting our Palestinian people and a denial of their right to be liberated from the occupation. This decision represents an extension to the British colonial policy and is not appropriate for a country like Britain to place itself in a position of subservience to a fascist, racist state, against the position of the majority of the British people opposing the occupation and its crimes. Britain must immediately reverse this decision and replace it with practical steps to atone for its original sin in the Balfour Declaration before it is too late.

- Hamas movement is a genuine and integral component of the Palestinian national liberation movement, and the Palestinian people will not allow any party to harm any of its components.
- We call on the Palestinian people to reject this unjust decision, and for unity and cohesion at various levels to bring down this decision and thwart its repercussions. 

- We call on the free and conscientious forces and peoples around the world to demonstrate in front of British embassies and institutions in the world, and we also call on the General Assembly of the United Nations, the League of Arab States, the Organization of the Islamic Conference and all lovers of justice in the world to reject this decision and confront it firmly.

- The Palestinian factions announce the launch of a series of national and popular activities against this decision and also announce the organization of a comprehensive national popular conference in the Gaza Strip to reject and condemn the decision within the next few days.

After all, they also confirmed the Palestinian resistance will continue until the terrorist Zionist occupation is expelled from Palestine.

The Committee for National and Islamic Forces.
20 November on Saturday 2021