Gaza's women-only beauty oil business


A group of women in Gaza have manufactured a range of botanical toiletries which are free from radicals and chemicals and therefore have no side effects.

Speaking to MEMO, Gold Green (GG) co-Founder Rafqat Al-Hamlawi says: "The project succeeded when we were able to create a machine that would extract the oils from the plants. It is similar to a Chinese machine which cannot be imported into the Strip because of the siege."

The products GG offers have been welcomed by locals and are "now available for sale in 40 locations, and we are only in our first year," Al-Hamlawi adds.

Oil is extracted from thyme, rocket, purslane, nettles, mint and parsley to make shampoos, conditioners, face wash and body lotions. An anti-bacterial gel has also been made using thyme and lemon to stop skin dehydrating, the company says.

GG's 24 female employees oversee the cultivation, harvesting, picking, drying and freezing of the herbs the company uses in its produce. They then go on to extract the oils needed before making the toiletries and distributing them across the Gaza Strip ready for sale.