?"How long are the players in Gaza will be "just a commodity

Two do not disagree that football brings human beings together around the principles of athletic ethics and does not distinguish them by race, religion or colour. However, these bright principles and concepts have been corrupted by the greedy souls of club administrations that control the players' necks, especially when they suffer injuries that keep them from their usual level in the green rectangle

Those bright principles are normal in the corridors of professional clubs around the world, which respect their players, but have been lost in the Gaza Strip, whose championships are classified as "amateurs". Documents and facts have proven that its clubs treat their players as if they were "just a commodity"

The player in Gaza is received by the clubs if he excels in the stadiums, and the best contracts are concluded for him, while she throws him when he is critically injured and abandons her responsibilities in securing his treatment expenses, which are guaranteed by all sporting norms and ethics, and the contract concluded between them goes "in vain"

We have in the story of the player Mazen Al-Madhoun, the former star of Al-Touffah Club (within the first-class clubs in the sector), the most prominent example, especially as he is one of the most prominent players who recently suffered from an injury that ended his football career, although he is “31 years old” and is still able to Giving, as before the injury. He was a mainstay in the ranks of his club, and he plays constantly in all matches, in addition to his position

But after he sustained a double fracture in the foot in one of the first-class league matches, everything changed, as the club abandoned him in a humiliating manner, to the point that no one from his management contacted him at the end of the season, in addition to not receiving his salary, he was also deprived of his right to treatment

This angered the player a lot, which prompted him to write his story on his page on the social networking site "Facebook", to get expressions of support and positions of support for him from all the people of the sports community in the Gaza Strip, while his club (Al-Tuffah) was absent from that support, instead of To respond to Al-Madhoun's demands for treatment, further complicated the matter and threatened to deduct part of his accumulated financial dues, forcing the player to remain silent in order to earn part of the money to complete his treatment

The player is currently suffering from severe pain and difficulties in walking and sleeping, and the doctors have advised him to perform a second surgery in the foot, to remove the installed platinum, in addition to alot of physical therapy sessions, so that he can return to practicing part of his normal daily life, especially as he is an unemployed young man. And he doesn't have the money to be able to provide a luxury life for his family of 4

Al-Madhoun’s story is not the only one that shows the clubs’ violations against their players. It was not satisfied with depriving them of their right to treatment, as many of them are not financially committed, so you see them signing contracts with big amounts of money with the stars and then procrastinating in paying what is agreed upon, and this is what happens with the vast majority of players. whose financial rights go under the guillotine

The evidence of this is what happened with the player Walid Hegazy, the former star of Al-Galaa Club (within the first-class clubs). His accumulated financial dues throughout a whole season were subjected to a “massacre” of discounts after he demanded them, out of 1500 dollars he only got 90 dollars, and the rest of the dues The club mastered its deduction

The “massacre” began when Al-Jalaa Club decided to deduct 350 dollars from the amount due as a fine because the team failed to achieve the administration’s ambitions in the league championship, in addition to deducting the value of a gift the club gave to the player on the occasion of his marriage, as well as other financial discounts on the pretext of obtaining colored cards in some matches. That forced him to tell the details of his "wonderful" story on his "Facebook" page

These two aforementioned stories - and many others - indicate that the clubs are using the financial crisis in the Gaza Strip as a "peg" to loot the players' dues, and they are taking devious ways in order to evade their humanitarian and legal responsibilities, which gives the impression that they are manipulating the implementation of the agreements in a deliberate way. Taking advantage of the fact that the league in the Gaza Strip did not rise to the level of professionalism that is applied in the second part of the homeland, the "occupied West Bank"

These problems were noticed by the Palestinian Football Association. Its president, Jibril Rajoub, recently held a workshop with the clubs in which he discussed the regulation of the players’ relationship with their clubs, stressing the need to update the clubs’ regulations and laws in a modern way that fits the twenty-first century, especially with regard to players’ contracts and entitlements

In view of these recurring problems, which prompt clubs to get rid of their injured players often through a financial clearance, on the way to remove the “old expired luggage”, I think that players should bear in mind a number of precautions when signing with any team, so that they do not fall a prey to the greed of clubs, the most important of which are


That the contract concluded between the two parties includes a clause that gives the player the right to receive the full treatment expenses during the period of his absence from the stadiums in the event of an injury with the club, while ensuring this with a penal condition imposed on the club if his management fails to provide treatment in full, bearing in mind that it is a right It is self-evident and should not be waived by the player under any circumstances


The player is keen to sign the contract with his new club in the presence of a lawyer or at any recognized judicial authority, and to register it with the federation to be officially documented, which guarantees each party his rights over the period stipulated in the contract


The player should not hesitate to file an official complaint with the National Sports Arbitration Commission - which is the legitimate body for lifting injustice against athletes - against the management of his club if he feels any shortcomings during the period of the concluded contract


The contract should be clear in detail regarding the reward that he will receive, for example, specifying the rewards that the player will receive if he wins the top scorer title, or any other individual award, or if the team is crowned with titles, which makes the players always motivated to provide the best They have, and this will be in the interest of both parties, and to be clear as well in the event of punishment, such as the discounts that the player will be exposed to if he misses training, causes loss of matches, or obtains cards, given that the clubs are “skilled” in drafting Penalties for players by the end of the season, as mentioned earlier

On the other hand, the Palestinian Football Association must take some procedures that will preserve the rights of all parties, and prevent any problems that may occur between the players and their clubs, the most important of which are


Allowing players to form their own association that will be a platform and a voice for them, through which they express their opinions and suggestions, and also to face all the clubs’ attempts to “steal” them, and to defend themselves in other issues


The Palestinian Football Association should follow up on all files in which clubs are still practicing their illegal methods, through the formation of specialized committees in this regard, concerned with the players and their issues


He should also enact deterrent laws, such as: imposing financial penalties on clubs or depriving them of recruiting new players for a period of time, in order to stop these irresponsible acts and to win the rights of players, especially those who make football their main source of livelihood, In light of the tragic situation experienced by the residents of the Gaza Strip

As for clubs’ administrations, they are required to have a high level of credibility with their players, and to take into account the difficult financial situation, which has exhausted the Palestinian people, and to work hard to strengthen their financial balances and not limit their income to the president’s grant only

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